Wednesday, May 18, 2011

05.14.11 - Asbury House - Jackson, NJ

Dan here with some good stuff for ya. Hope you enjoy.

This past Saturday Stolen Rhodes might have played in their most unique setting ever, as we played at what is becoming known in certain circles as the Asbury House. For those not in the know, the Asbury House is the home of Jackson, NJ residents Terry & Bee Asbury. About once every two months they open up their home to local bands in the area and even recently an act that tours around the country. Stolen Rhodes was honored to headline the most recent Asbury House Concert this past Saturday along with our great friends Thomas Wesley Stern (check em out...well worth it), and Lindsey Desena (also worth giving a listen to). While the aforementioned bands are primarily acoustic based and used to performing shows like this, a venue like this was foreign to Stolen Rhodes.

I say was because the acoustic setting is foreign no more to us here at SR. The show was new for not only us, but for the hosts. Never before had drums been bought in to the mix, and never had someone brought a PA to amplify the sound, but when all was said and done, all went off without a hitch. Reviews from the audience and the other band were nothing but positive, and we here in the band were quite happy.

The show was also very cool for SR as we got to treat the show as a storytellers type of show. Matt, Kevin, and I got to tell the world where our minds were at, and what the reasoning of our songs were for the first time ever in an intimate setting. The response from the crowd was beautiful and overwhelming and we could not have asked for nothing more.

Because this was such a special show, some special tunes came out of the woodwork, and some world premiers were performed. Amongst the new tunes were a few covers, and two new originals.

The first being "Eddie" which is the first SR song completely penned by Kevin. The song is Kevin's tribute to surf legend Eddie Aikau, and fits Kevin perfectly as Kevin is an avid surfer.

The second new song was my new mysterious love ballad (as I like to call it) "Eyes." As you could judge from the title the subject's eyes were are the main antagonists of the song, because let's face it...there is nothing sexier than a gorgeous set of eyes. Look for each song at future SR shows as both were well received and will be put into the rotation.

Since this was a storyteller/songwriter night I decided to put who the primary songwriters for each SR tune are...usually I don't do that.

Set List

Set I
Lyin' Low (Pillion)
All I Need (Pillion)
Freight Train (Pillion/Cunningham)
California (Pillion)
Casey Jones (Garcia/Hunter)
Dead Flowers (Jagger/Richards)
Blue Sky (Haase)
Rearviewmirror (Vedder/Ament/McCready/Gossard/Abbruzzese
Falling Off The Edge (Pillion/Haase)

Set II
Old Man (Young)
American Tune (Simon)
Something (Harrison)
Eddie (Cunningham)
Growin' Up (Springsteen)
Folsom Prison Blues (Cash)
Eyes (Haase)
The Devil Went Down to Georgia (Daniels/Crain/DiGregorio/Edwards/Hayward/Marshall)

The night was very special, and we look forward to being able to do something like this again very soon.

For those of you that want to see SR plugged back in and rockin' and rollin' cmon out to TD Bank Amphitheater in Bensalem this Saturday afternoon as SR takes part in Soberstock 2011...yup that's right, Soberstock. We will be opening up former Guns N' Roses drummer Steven Adler's band Adler's Appetite. Adler's Appetite and Stolen Rhodes on a bill called Soberstock...awesome. SR hits the stage somewheres around 1:30

We will then immediately be heading to the Laketon in Lakewood for our monthly visit to our favorite watering hole. Show starts at 8 PM.

Post production for the album is moving along and we have some of the rough mixes in our possession. Excitement is not adequate enough an adjective to describe how we feel. Look for an end of summer release.

Rock on